During my 3-day stay at Hotel Mother Palace in Paharganj, Delhi, I had a mix of both adventure and misfortune. On the first day, I was filled with excitement as I explored the local area and tried the famous street food. The bustling street vendors and delicious aromas were a sensory overload, and I couldn’t wait to try everything. However, in the evening, I began feeling a bit unwell and thought it was just jet lag from the long flight.

The next morning, I woke up feeling much worse and soon realized that it was food poisoning. My stomach was in knots, and I had a headache. I knew I needed to take action, so I quickly went to a nearby pharmacy and purchased the necessary medicine to help me recover. For the rest of the day, I stayed in my hotel room, trying to rest and get better.

Fortunately, by Day 3, I was feeling much better, but I still took it easy. I made sure to avoid street food for the remainder of my trip. I was grateful for my quick recovery from the food poisoning. The experience taught me the importance of being cautious when trying new foods in a new place, and always having backup plans in case of illness.

Overall, despite the food poisoning, I had a memorable trip, and I would highly recommend this hotel in Paharganj, Delhi to others looking for a unique and adventurous travel experience with the added bonus of helpful and supportive staff.