After a hectic previous day and night, we woke up early in the morning at 5 am and booked an Uber for Pahargunj. We had an appointment for 11 am at the VFS Global office in New Delhi, so we began searching for the next hotel for our stay in Pahargunj. After some searching, we found a nice and friendly hotel called Hotel Mother Palace that was run by Nepali people. The cost of a room is just 700 Indian Rupees per night. We booked a room in it and after having breakfast, and leaving our luggage in the room, we booked a rickshaw from pahargunj and headed to the VFS Global office.

vfs global office new delhi

Once we arrived at VFS Global, they offered us three options for visas: a normal application that takes 15-20 days to process, a priority application that takes 5 days to process, and a super priority application that takes only 1 day to process. Since a normal application takes too long and a super priority application is too expensive, I chose the priority application, which cost an additional 30,000 Indian rupees.

Once I began the application process, I was offered two options: a normal lounge that takes a whole day to apply or a premium lounge that takes only 1-2 hours. As I am an impatient person, I chose the premium lounge and paid an additional 3500 Indian rupees for it. The premium lounge did offer a more pleasant experience with coffee and other amenities, and the visa processing was completed quickly, within one hour.

After the visa processing was done, we returned to our hotel. The Hotel Mother Palace offers a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. The surrounding area is bustling with shops and narrow roads, yet the hotel itself is serene. As it is owned and operated by Nepali individuals, staying at the hotel provides a genuine Nepali experience. The majority of guests at the hotel are also Nepali citizens.

The rooms may not be particularly spacious, but they are well-maintained and equipped with essential amenities such as a television, attached bathroom, fan, high-speed internet access, and a balcony. For me as an IT worker, the most important things I need while staying in a hotel would be a clean room, a clean bed, a table/chair for the workspace, and high-speed internet. The hotel staff, including the owner, are incredibly friendly and accommodating to the guest’s needs. Overall, the hotel provides an enjoyable and satisfactory stay.

The main benefit of staying in a Nepalese hotel is that I was able to have pure Nepalese food. We ordered lunch from the hotel, which was delicious Nepalese food. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing in the room, watching TV, finishing some work, having dinner, and then sleeping.