I woke up at 9 AM feeling refreshed and ready for the day. We had a flight scheduled for 3 PM, so I made my way to the airport around 12:30 PM.

Once we arrived, we stopped at a cafe inside the airport to get a cup of coffee to help me stay energized while we waited for my flight. Unfortunately, our flight was delayed by 30 minutes, which added to our wait time. During that time I just completed some work on my laptop.

When my flight was finally ready to board, it was announced for Air India. Based on my previous experience with Air India, I was not particularly looking forward to the flight. I have found that the airline is not as good as others and the food is not satisfying as well. Despite these issues, I eventually made it to my destination, Indira Gandhi Airport, at 5:30 PM.

After reaching Indira Gandhi Airport, we booked a cab and headed to our hotel, the “Hotel Luxury Stay” in Maipal for the night. However, I was very disappointed with the hotel. The hotel did not live up to my expectations and did not provide the level of comfort and amenities that I was expecting from a hotel advertised as “luxury.” I was disappointed with the overall experience and did not have a pleasant stay.

hotel luxury stay

Upon arrival, we found that the blanket on my bed was completely wet and we requested for another one. However, the hotel staff informed us that all the blankets were at the dry cleaners and that they would provide us with a new ones as soon as they returned.

However, no replacement blanket was ever provided. Additionally, the hotel staff asked for pre-payment for all services, including dinner, which was very disappointing. The lack of a dry blanket and the request for pre-payment added to my dissatisfaction with my stay at the “Hotel Luxury Stay.”