Today was an exciting day for me as I embarked on a journey to obtain my visa. I woke up early and eagerly checked my mailbox for any updates from the VFS Global Office. Unfortunately, there was no mail yet, so I had breakfast and continuously checked my mail throughout the day, waiting for the mail from the VFS office.

By lunchtime, I was still without any updates, so I decided to visit the VFS Global Office in person. I took a rickshaw from my hotel and finally arrived at the office. I was informed that the passport would only be available after 5 pm. I took the time to grab a coffee from Starbucks and patiently waited for the announcement.

Finally, at 5.30 pm, the VFS Global Office announced that it was time to line up for the passport. I was in line and soon received an email from the office, informing me that my passport was arrived and asking me to collect it. I was filled with relief and joy as I went inside to retrieve my passport. After getting inside they gave me an envelope. The passport was inside the envelope. I opened it and to my delight, I discovered that I had indeed been granted a visa!

I left the VFS Global Office and took a rickshaw back to my hotel. On the way, I bought sweets for the hotel staff to show my gratitude. After a long day of waiting, the work in India is finally completed. So, I booked a ticket for a flight to Nepal for the next day. Overall, it was a successful and fulfilling day, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.